Are You Dehydrated?

You have actually probably heard that 65 % to 75 % of your body is comprised of water. That is why it is so vital to remain hydrated. Your body has to continually handle water (and a lot of it) to function effectively. This impacts not just your physical health, but your mental health as [...]

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Best Workouts For A Healthy Back

Neck and back pain pesters countless people throughout their life time. Back pain can be as a result of repetitive stress on the back, a severe injury to the back, bony wear and tear on the back and even from simple tiredness. Some experience back discomfort considering that they work in a resting job as [...]

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Increase Your Vitality by Combating Fatigue

Fatigue, stress, burnout or whatever - it seems to have become a way of life today, and it robs us of making the most out of our lives. We need to start actively combating fatigue in order to turn things around. Besides the fact that many folks turn to the myriad of energy drinks, there [...]

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Stress Management for Working Women

Considering the fact that the majority of women manage their homes and households, more so than men do, the working woman today is arguably more prone to suffering from stress, including anxiety and other stress related afflictions. What we need to ask ourselves is how should the working woman manage this stress? Most importantly we [...]

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Men’s Health Issues – Common Conditions

It is well known that men are much less likely than women to seek basic or routine preventative medical care. However, there are certain common men's health problems that are treatable if caught early enough, but can be permanently debilitating or even fatal if they are not detected until symptoms make themselves known. Common issues [...]

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Bipolar vs Clinical Depression

An estimated ten percent of all Americans suffer from some form of depression during their lives. This figure varies but is pretty much the same worldwide. There are a few areas of the world that depression seems to have missed, but not many. Depression in general affects the way we behave from our sleeping patterns [...]

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